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God Is Not A Vending Machine

As I often tell audiences when I speak to churches and other Christian groups, God is not a vending machine. 

We don't get to put in a dollar and punch a button to pop out the perfect spouse, or the ideal job, or a spacious home.  There are also no buttons that we can push to take away our problems to instantly smooth over marital difficulties, eliminate job stress, make our kids behave better, or get rid of cerebral palsy. 

I am so grateful that Jesus Christ died to make things right between God and me.  But to believe that his sacrifice leads to anything other than my reconciliation with God is to make a mockery of the cross.

Price: $10.00

Searching for Normalcy

Each of us has been at the end of his or her rope with nothing left to hang onto except memories of better times and questions about a God who seems nowhere to be found.

The depression is overwhelming, the loneliness is unbearable, and some of the advice from those who try to help is all but worthless. In this compelling book, Steve Chance uses the events of his life as a backdrop for asking the one question that many of us would be afraid to ask: Where was God on the morning of his birth as Steve lay on the delivery table, unable to take his first breath of air?

Born with cerebral palsy, Steve candidly talks about the difficulties of living with a lifelong disability. This book will make you cry, it will make you laugh, but above all, it will leave you with a profound awareness of the God who makes living with unanswered questions possible.