About Steve Chance and GCM

Steve Chance is an Evangelist who travels through the United States and around the world preaching on the subject of "God's grace in a hurting world".

There are two reasons why Steve does what he does and why he has started Golden Clay Ministries.

  1. It was during his time as student at Taylor University when Steve first had the privilege of leading someone to Christ and through this he was hooked!  God has blessed Steve a gift for evangelism, and there is nothing that thrills¬† him more than watching someone give their heart to Christ.

  2. Born with cerebral palsy, Steve's disability affords him the unique platform to address issues of a sovereign God in a world filled with pain and suffering. 

When audiences see a guy with cerebral palsy and then hear him say that God doesn’t promise to instantly take away our problems, they sit up and pay attention.  God may not take away life’s problems, but he has promised to never leave nor forsake us. 

It is this message that Steve has presented to churches and other groups from Hawaii to Rhode Island, and that is the message that he would love to share with your congregation or group.